LEAPS was established to raise the profile of Training and Education for Entertainers, both young and those more experienced, within Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire.

A positive spin-off from LEAPS activities is that because of show income, support can be made available for deserving charities/causes throughout Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire, using the talents and expertise of our Artistes, Members and Friends.

Who benefits from LEAPS activities?

We wholeheartedly encourage the participation of younger entertainers in our shows, particularly those who have not been involved in the larger more professional style of show. That way they gain the vital experience and stage-craft needed for their future careers in the highly competitive entertainment field.

Just how many people are currently involved with LEAPS activities?

Voluntary Committee: 13 Volunteers: 250

How do we help 'Local' charities?

There is an on-going requirement for support by’ local’ charities. We at LEAPS have instigated a system whereby those local charities wishing to apply to us for funding are encouraged to do so by completing an application form, available either via our website or we will send a copy out in the post. Application/Requests that are received from local charities are placed before the voluntary LEAPS Committee at their monthly meetings for discussion and consideration. The LEAPS Committee uses local knowledge to keep aware of local needs.

There are capital costs involved; Funds generated initially by LEAPS are used mainly for the hire of major venues to meet with the requirements of the large shows that we stage, such as Hull City Hall, the Hull New Theatre and Bridlington Spa Theatre. We focus on those specific venues because of their excellent, professional production facilities and seating capacities. We involve many local Artistes in our shows and activities; they greatly benefit from the valuable training from their participation.

Since its inception LEAPS has gone from strength to strength. We select at least two local charities each year on whom to focus our support. Our shows take place throughout each year, the main focus being on shows that are staged during each Summer and at Christmas. ‘Local’ charities given our support are monitored, receiving ‘follow up’ visits in order to ensure that they comply with the information contained in their their applications.